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Fire & Rescue Service Applications

Flourosurfactant Free Foam Concentrates

Our customers represent all sectors of the fire protection industry.  When we supply the Fire and Rescue Service both in the UK and Rep Ireland, the central applications are for fluorosurfactant free foams and accurate foam delivery systems that can induct between 0.1 and 6% foam concentrate.

The use of Class A water additives for the Fire Services is increasing year on year, as the benefits of their use becomes increasingly apparent and those experiences are shared amongst the Fire Brigades. These experiences are not restricted to rural land fires. They include urban applications where extended use of the water on main line vehicles with water additive percentages as low as 0.2% can effectively treble the extinguishing performance over water alone.

Fluorosurfactant Free Foams for BNFL 


The petrochemical, general chemical and nuclear industries have in the past been supplied with products such as AFFF and AFFF-AR.

They are now considering how they can best adopt fluorosurfactant free foams such as Ecopol within their business requirement for fire performance and at the same time support a sustainable answer the sensitive environmental issues.

British Nuclear Fuels has already adopted these products at several of its sites.

Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers & Service Contractors

Fire extinguisher manufacturers are achieving improved ratings and approvals with our high performance extinguisher foams, water additives and fat fire agents. Fire extinguisher servicing companies are following suit by providing the back up service in the field, with the same high performance products for including foams, Class A additives such as Pentspray and dry powders.

Fire Fighting Conference Contributions

Managing director Gary McDowall is frequently invited to speak at conferences and seminars relating to fire fighting chemical efficiency and safety. To view details of relevant publications see Downloads. For details of conferences and other current items of interest in the field of fire fighting see News.

Gary has recently been voted onto the British Fire Consortium managing council. He has specific responsibility for the environmental issues facing the membership which may result from their business activities.

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Fluorosurfactant Free Fire Fighting Foam

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