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Fire Hazards - Petrochemical Plants

The fuel types being refined today are slowly changing from the hydrocarbon fuels that we are familiar with such as petrols, diesels and heating fuels, to more environmentally acceptable bio-fuels which include Ethanol and Ethanol blends.

Chemical Fire

These blended fuels are more akin to alcohol fuels than the hydrocarbon fuels we know. This changes the nature of the fire risk significantly and alcohol resistant foams will become more widely used as a multi-purpose foam to cover most liquid fuel risks.

If we as an industry can use alcohol resistant foams that are also fluorosurfactant free, then the fire services can combine the fire extinction performance required with the environment in mind and with the confidence of a product that has a top rating with the 'Lastfire' test.

Chemical Plants

Chemical Plant

The chemical facilities and chemical storage warehousing found on industrial sites around the UK today can use or store many tens or even hundreds of various product and hazardous materials with various flash points. This can lead to the Fire and Rescue Service facing an unknown cocktail of fuels when they arrive at the site of a chemical fire.

An alcohol resistant or multi-purpose foam can be the only choice at such a fire because of the uncertainty of the fuel or fuel mix that is burning. Once again, fluorosurfactant free foams are available with exceptional performance on polar solvent fuels.

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