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Fire Hazards

A Range of Fire Hazards

Fire brigades are faced with a wide range of fire situations. Each requires a specific fire fighting chemical product to deal effectively and safely with the fire. Below are some examples of different fire situations.

Woodland Fires


An extreme fire situation that fire brigades must deal with is a land fire covering vast tracts of woodland or heather, quite often in isolated areas covering many thousands of hectares of land.

These types of fires pose specific problems as water is often in short supply and so the use of a water additive that is highly effective in increasing water penetration into the fuel has many benefits - providing the additive is environmentally benign.

Climate change is with us and there is no mistaking its increasing impact on the UK weather. With prolonged dry spells becoming more frequent, the probability of land fires increases.

ABC MacIntosh have the water additive and the portable high pressure water delivery system, that combine to provide unrivalled assistance to the Fire and Rescue Service for dealing with this very difficult type of fire.

Woodland Fire

This can be one of the most demanding fires to deal with in terms of resources and may involve all of a brigade’s resources in terms of men and equipment. At the high risk times of the year, namely the Spring burning and the dry Summer periods, our 'Fire Attack System' combined with 'BIO FOR N' can assist Land Managers, Forestry Commission and the Fire and Rescue Service to deal with these events.

Woodland Fires, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Nuclear Plants.

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