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Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals

ABC MacIntosh supplies fire fighting chemicals to fire extinguisher manufacturers, fire extinguisher servicing companies and fire brigades throughout Europe.

Our fire fighting solutions are formulated using inputs which give exceptional extinction, are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Fire Fighting in Challenging Situations

ABC MacIntosh specialises in providing effective fire fighting solutions in very challenging and critical applications. These include chemical plants, petrochemical plants, nuclear industry, the MoD, the Police and the UK Fire and Rescue Service.

UK Fire and Rescue Service - A Variety of Fire Hazards

ABC MacIntosh are nominated suppliers of fire fighting chemicals for several UK fire brigades. Fire brigades deal with a huge variety of fire situations. They must deal with any fire situation; from a highly volatile chemical plant where an alcohol resistant foam that is free of fluorosurfactants is the ideal choice, to the more common car fire.

Examples of different fire situations include:-

Woodland Fires, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Nuclear Plants.

Please visit Fire Hazards for details of the different hazards presented, and the most appropriate fire fighting chemical to deal with these fires.

Please also visit Products section to view the full range of fire fighting products for different fire types and environments. Fire fighting products include:-

Foams, Powders, Foam Inducers, Fire Attack Systems & Extinguishers.

Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals.

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