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ABC Macintosh

ABC MacIntosh Fire Attack Systems

The ABC MacIntosh range of Fire Attack Systems delivers foam or water based fire fighting chemicals quickly and efficiently.

Woodland & Forest Fire Fighting Equipment

Our range of Fire Attack Systems is ideal for use by Fire Brigades in fighting woodland and forest fires in extremely challenging environments.

Features of our Fire Attack Systems include:-

  • Over 90% water efficiency
  • Systems can be used with both foam and water
  • Good ground penetration to eliminate hotspots
  • Can produce an effective heat shield for fire fighting
  • Minimal pressure drop hose
  • Operate from dedicated tanks or lift from open water sources
  • Completely portable and compact in design
  • Water tanks made to fit custom application

The Fire Attack System is available in 2 models:

FAS Mini

Designed for ATV mounting, or for use as an independent unit with its own portable water supply or using open water.

  • 13 litres per minute delivery
  • 180 bar working pressure
  • 48kg weight
FAS Mini

FAS Ultra

Suitable for industrial applications, mounting on water tanks or as auxiliary fire fighting units.
  • 20 litres per minute delivery
  • 200 bar working pressure
  • System monitoring:
    • LCD display for operating hours & engine RPM
    • LED battery level indicator
    • Fuel level indicator
FAS Ultra

Fire Attack Systems, Foam Induction, Extinguishers.

Highly Efficient Fire Fighting Foam & Water Delivery Systems

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