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Environmentally Friendly Propellants and Valves from

Environmentally Friendly Propellants and Valves

Salvalco Set to Revolutionise the Aerosol Industry

Salvalco is a British company that is set to revolutionise the global aerosol industry. Technological innovations from Salvalco have led to a breakthrough in aerosol valve design. With the new family of Salvalco sustainable aerosol valves, environmentally destructive LPG propellants can be replaced with compressed air and nitrogen to create a cleaner and safer world.

Salvalco - Who We Are

Salvalco was formed to commercialise the replacement aerosol valve technology developed by the Spray Research Group (SRG) at the University of Salford in the UK. Faced with the task of designing environmentally friendly alternatives to damaging LPG propellants, 10 years research has led to the invention of three aerosol Eco-Valve designs that cover 85% of aerosol use worldwide.

Salvalco Eco-Valves - A Breath of Fresh Air

The Salvalvo range of eco-valves currently comprises:

  • The SSG Eco-Valve - designed for use with non viscous products including air fresheners, deodorants and hair sprays.
  • The Metered Eco-Valve - developed for dispensing accurately measured doses of pharmaceutical sprays, medicines and insecticides.
  • The Low Loss Eco-Valve - used to dispense thicker liquids such as oils and APD's.

Salvalco Eco-Valves offer a range of benefits to consumers and producers alike. Compressed nitrogen aerosol propellants drastically reduce the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). They reduce the reliance on potentially dangerous flammable propellants, cutting the cost of storage, transportation and insurance as Salvalco aerosols are categorised as non-hazardous.

Salvalco Eco-Valves - Bubbly Flow Technology

Salvalco Eco-Valves - Bubbly Flow Technology

Traditional aerosols work by flash-vaporising liquids as they leave the pressurised packaging. Before Salvalco's latest innovations in aerosol technology, LPG's had the advantage over compressed inert gases - air & nitrogen - as they could deliver a consistent spray rate without a drop-off in performance as the can emptied.

Salvalco Eco-Valves utilise their patented Bubbly Flow Technology to produce a fine and consistent spray pattern to the end of the can. This is achieved through introducing the propellant directly into the valve stem, before they are dispensed through standard actuators, with or without mechanical breakup capability. By controlling the flow of liquid and gas supply through a separate valve arrangement, the relationship between the liquid and the gas holes allows for fine tuning of the spray characteristics according to the requirements of the customer.

Salvalco Eco-Valves - Cost Savings

Not only does Salvalco protect the environment but it allows producers to complete rethink the formulation and packaging of aerosols. Reductions in can and spray sizes through the concentration of liquids gives the potential for reductions in manufacturing, storage and transportation costs.

Other cost savings include:

  • Reduced cost of the propellants
  • Reduced cost of insurance
  • Reduced costs of transportation
  • Reduced costs of handling and storing flammable liquid propellants
  • Reduction in packaging costs

Further Information

Further information on Salvalco and our unique range of eco-valve technology is freely available at

For technical and product information Salvalco can be contacted:

Phone: +44 (0)161 278 2771

Fax: +44 (0)161 278 2701

E-mail -

Salvalco - The Salford Valve Company Ltd
Technology House
Lissadel Street
M6 6AP


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